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Fitness Puzzle Find the Missing Piece...
The "Fitness Puzzle" isn't just about Fitness, but about a balance of every aspect of your health.  Sign up with your local administrator and register for the program.  Use the sheet attached to track weekly challenges and the points associated with them.  Tally your total and turn in the sheet to your administrator at the end of the program.  You will receive credit for one qualifying event if you complete the tracking of each weeks challenge (no matter how many points you actually get).  Each local group may decide to run a contest for the winning totals.  This is left up to the individual groups.. 
Remember…  True health is a puzzle made of gentle balance.  Try to find the balance in your life by focusing on a new project/way of life for each week.   GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Fitness Puzzle Directions and Tracking Sheet
Fitness Puzzle Week 1
Fitness Puzzle Week 2
Fitness Puzzle Week 3
Fitness Puzzle Week 4
Fitness Puzzle Week 5
Fitness Puzzle Week 6
Fitness Puzzle Week 7
Fitness Puzzle Week 8