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Targeted...  A1C

January 21st – February 25th 


Take advantage of the opportunity to “Target” one of your most important numbers for cold hard cash.  If your A1C is already in range, simply maintain this number.  If it is out of range, simply improve it by the designated percentage.   You will be rewarded for either maintaining a healthy A1C or improving it by the designated amount.  Blood Pressure is a perfect compliment to this as Health Assessments are just around the corner.  Your location should make entering an accurate BP on the Health Assessment the end goal for this program.  SEWS wants to raise awareness of just KNOWING YOUR NUMBERS!


Your goal


Credit if Normal (5.6 or lower)

Credit if A1C between 5.7 and 7 - Must improve by .5 or more

Credit if A1C over 7 - Must improve by 1 or more

Credit if A1C over 10 - Must improve by 2 or more


Administrative instructions

Click here for sample Launch Letter and Week 1 Materials

(This will also inlcude the blood pressure information since we are promoting the importance of knowing your numbers)

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