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BMI "Lowdown"

Jan 21st – Mar 25th

BMI “Lowdown”…  This program will focus on lowering your BMI to a healthy range.  You will get a baseline BMI and try to see how many points you can lower your number.  There will be a competitive component pinning site locations against one another to see who can go the lowest.  Good Luck!!  (FYI, we’ll take the total points of BMI dropped for the group and divide it by the number of people to be fair)

BMI "Lowdown" Administrative Instructions
BMI "Lowdown" Obese BMI Charts
BMI "Lowdown" Registration Forms and BMI Charts
BMI "Lowdown" excel spreadsheet

BMI "Lowdown" Week 1
BMI "Lowdown" Week 2
BMI "Lowdown" Week 3
BMI "Lowdown" Week 4
BMI "Lowdown" Week 5
BMI "Lowdown" Week 6
BMI "Lowdown" Week 7
BMI "Lowdown" Week 8
BMI "Lowdown" Week 9
BMI "Lowdown" Week 10