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Meal Planning 101
Start your planning now for next week.  Meal planning can be a key piece to accomplishing your wellness goals.  Meal planning can also help your stress level throughout the week in addition to staying on budget.  Today we have provided you with the following
1 - Basic description and tips to get you started
2 - Sample dinner meal plan - Remember...  You can use ours or you can come up with your own.  
3 - Meal Planner Worksheet - NOTE - This meal planner has space for all meals and snacks, but for this program we are focusing on Dinner Primarily.  At minimum plan dinner for the week and follow your plan as best you can.  Be flexible as "real life" will change your plans a little each week.
*** Your Planner is an "Adobe Fillable Form".  This means that you can save it to your computer and fill out as you go each week.  Remember to save any changes you make each time it's updated.  
***  There is space on the planner to make a shopping list.  This is not a mandatory part of programming, however you may find this helpful.