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Recommendations for Quitting

1st   Use Week 1 of your 12 week program to do the following
-Assess your habit
-Pick the method of quitting (nicotine replacement, cold turkey, etc...)
-Line up your resources and support systems

2nd   Set your quit date
-Start week 2 of your 12 week program on your quit date
-Sign a personal contract with yourself to quit for 12 weeks

3rd   Surround yourself with other supportive resources
                                              -Toll Free Support Line (National Cancer Institute)
                                              -Phone Apps available
                                              -List of items that may help your success
                                               (stress ball, gum, hard candy, tooth picks, coffee straws, anything to keep your hands or
                                               mouth busy through the first few weeks)

Special Note:  This 12 week program can be used in the following ways;

Individually (follow along at your own pace)

Buddy system (Pick one other person who wants to quit and follow the process together or find a mentor that has already been successful in quitting and see if they will follow along for extra support)

Group Setting (organize a group of people who want to quit.  It's recommended that you pass out week one at least 2-3 weeks before you launch week 2 to give time for participants to choose and purchase their nicotine replacement product or medication for quitting)