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The "Butt" Stops Here

 12 Week Tobacco Cessation Program
This 12 week series can be ran in a group setting or an individual can follow along on their own.  Typically a buddy system at minimum is the most successful route.  The first week you can continue using tobacco to assess your habit and weigh your options for quitting.  Even though you may be tempted DO NOT attempt to work ahead.  This is a process and designed to help you quit for good.  Also, don't hesitate to reach out to any other supportive resources you may have (800 number support lines, community groups, friends and family).

Week 1
Keep using tobacco products this week.  Assess your habit.  Pick which option for quitting is right for you.  Put together your supportive network.

Week 2
Sign a commitment letter to yourself and others.  Learn what to expect in regards to proper dosing for the method you choose, changes to your body, and the step down process.

CLICK HERE for your Tobacco Cessation Personal Contract
This is a contract to sign showing your personal commitment.  You can even quit in honor of someone else.  Place this contract where you can see it to remind you why you are quitting.

Week 3
Resistance to change in regards to the people and environment surrounding you.

Week 4
Stress management related to helping you not only quit, but stay quit for good.

Week 5
Understanding how exercise can aid in the quitting process

Week 6
Don't let quitting put pounds on you.  Let this week help you understand how to control your weight and still accomplish your goals.

Week 7
Identifying the reason behavior change will or will not last.  Lets identify your potential stumbling blocks.

Week 8
Have you thought of tobacco as a powerful addiction.  Learn about the chemical dependence and complexity of trying to quit, especially if you don't view this as a true addiction.

Week 9
The real cost of tobacco.  Lets not just focus on your overall health, but the overall quality of your life.

Week 10
Learn about the history of tobacco and how it has been marketed to you.  The story has changed.  Learn how it may have played a role in your tobacco habit.

Week 11
Lets talk about some of the superficial reasons to quit as well as some of the harsh realities

Week 12
Congratulations for making it 12 weeks.  Graduation this week and lets look at the next step in staying tobacco free.