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Coping 101

Can You Stick With Change For 7 Days?

Either pick one habit to tackle all three weeks or one per week.  We have tons of coping mechanisms in our life.  Take seven days at a time and focus on one of those poor coping skills you would like to change.  We’ll give you a list if you are having trouble identifying areas that you could change, but feel free to pick your own.  Challenge yourself seven days at a time to change and awareness.  This is a great way to try on change and see if it’s something you would like to continue.  Don’t forget, but substituting a negative coping skill for a positive one is a recipe for long-term success.

Coping 101 Tally Sheet  & Week 1 (Adobe Fillable Form)

Coping 101 Week 2

Coping 101 Week 3

Coping 101 Week 4