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One Stop Wellness, LLC

  One Stop Wellness is a multifaceted company that provides a variety of services and products.  We are unique in our scope of services. Our ability to cater to individuals in the community interested in managing their personal and family health gives the experience of a big money wellness program on an individual budget.  Our services don't stop there, but expand to include the contracting of Corporate Wellness Programs.  No matter if you are just beginning and need a basic start, or you are the well established program looking to tweak and refine to maximize participation and results, we have something for you.  We are committed to educating people about the importance of managing one's health to prevent disease, but more importantly to preserve quality of life, longevity and productivity

Company Background and Experience

Elaine Williams, owner of One Stop Wellness has more than 16 years of experience in the arena of health education, personal training, lifestyle and weight management, as well as dealing with advanced disease states.  This experience in developing specialized programs for individuals as well as large groups has given One Stop Wellness the ability to understand that a non-cookie-cutter approach is what's truly necessary to evoke long-term lifestyle behavior change.  What started as a personal trainer traveling from house to house developed into an understanding of need.  Need for education concerning one's individual health and their personal journey to wellness. 

It became apparent that clients needed more than an exercise partner, but a genuine understanding of their current condition and risk for disease.  True long-term lifestyle change could not come until an education was provided.  From this need came numerous talks and workshops throughout communities and institutions.  These talks and educational workshops evoked understanding and an educated desire to change one's life path.  Personal Training then took a back seat to individual consultations (clients relate their initial desired goals, typically physical to an educated understanding of their blood work, current conditions, and risk for disease).  Once the connection is made not only is someone trying to lose 10 lb's to fit into their favorite jeans, but they are relating this desire to the bigger picture of long-term, quality of life health and wellbeing. 

It then became apparent that once a person related their initial want to the bigger picture, One Stop Wellness had an opportunity to not only have an effect on the individual, but now the connection could naturally progress to their family.  Once an entire family is educated on the benefits of living a "Well" lifestyle an entire family tree can be changed for the positive.  We are learning that the risk for disease is not only hereditary from a "physical gene" stand point, but also from an environmental stand point.  If you've grown up in an unwell environment we don't know if it's truly hereditary or just the level of health education within that family.

Lastly, One Stop Wellness got the bigger picture and now understands that if we effect the individual, we effect the family, and if we touch a family we begin to touch entire communities.  Communities brings us to the need for quality corporate wellness programs.  We have seen first hand how quality corporate wellness programs can change an entire family tree and an entire community.  Many employers still take the stand that it is not their responsibility, but the fact of the matter is, we all bear the cost of the "unwell".  If a company takes the time to invest in their employees, families, and communities, they are creating longevity of a quality hiring pool.  A mentality of behavior based decisions is necessary.  This process can effect everything from bottom line insurance costs, to quality and productivity, to safety.  We must remember one of the best ways a company can invest in it's future is to invest in it's people. 

For the above reasons, One Stop Wellness is dedicated to.....

Changing lives, Changing families, Changing futures