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You Pick & "Take the Challenge"

     Programming will be in 3 month blocks.  Pick one or all challenges in each block and knock out your goals.  THIS IS YOUR YEAR!  We’ve provided goal setting sheets since this program promotes doing your own thing while still moving forward with the group.  Consider finding someone working a similar plan and buddying up.  This isn’t required, but simply a suggestion.  You will fill out a new goal setting sheet each month to help you stay on track.  Keep in mind that you can also change programs under the category each month.  Do what’s best for you.  If you pick “other” you will need to describe what that means and what your plan includes.


Block One (Weigh DOWN)


 -  Weight Loss - Pick Your Plan.  Name your plan/style of losing and stick with it.

 -Hydration - Maybe you don’t need to lose weight, but want to work on your water consumption. 

-Nutrition First - Ditch the processed foods and focus on nutrition and eating whole “real” food.  If packaged choose ingredients you can pronounce and recognize.

-Other - Describe your plan and go for it.


Block Two (Fitness Forward)


-Moving with cardio - You pick running, walking, cycling, etc.  Set a goal in distance or time for each month of this block. 

-Strong Focused -Weight training is key for long-term health and success.  Pick the number of days and desired form/forms of weight training and get “Pumped”. 

-Flexible Fitness - Maybe your moving and already pumped, but skipping this important part.  Maybe you are just starting to move and this is the best place to start.  Set your goal and get loose.

-Other - Describe your plan and go for it.


Block Three (Taking Care of Business)


-Declutter to destress -Work on cleaning out your life over this three month block and watch the clarity you’ll gain

-Sleep first - It is so hard to make sleep a priority and we underestimate how beneficial this can be to your mental clarity and

other goals.

-Unplug - Pick your limits relative to your current social media use.  This could also include detoxing from TV, the computer, or maybe you want to pick one category per month.

-Other - Describe your plan and go for it.