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Healthy Reset

Who needs to hit the RESET Button?  Take this 3 weeks to get back on track.  I know a lot of us are ready to get back to the basics and back into a healthy routine.  If you haven't had one, this is a great time to establish healthy habits.  In light of the Pandemic, it has been highlighted how important it is to minimize your vulnerability to disease.  One of the biggest predictors of sickness and the severity has been the existence of one or more comorbidities.

Examples of Comorbidities

Heart Disease (elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, etc.)

Tobacco Use

Diabetes (elevated glucose and triglyceride levels)

Obesity (BMI over 30.  Over 30 is where your risk for disease and joint pain increase)

CLICK HERE to register to participate

Register now through June 5th.

Programming will officially start June 8th and go through June 29th.  

When registering you will get the opportunity to pick your program, which includes the following.

Weight Loss Challenge

Fitness Challenge

Stress Management Challenge 

Family Fun Challenge

What You Can Expect

Check-ins will be conducted every few days to quickly have you report your progress.  This will help you stay engaged with the program.  Example:  Weight loss challenge will have you enter your start weight during the first check-in.  It will also ask what steps you have taken to prepare for the three weeks.  Additional check-ins will ask for an updated weight, etc.  Other programs will have similar check-ins related to that topic.  These will be very BRIEF!



We'll offer some live and recorded short programs that relate to the topic you picked.  Example:  You might get an invite to a class on Intermittent Fasting, but we'll also record this live class so it can be viewed at a different time.