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"Track" Your Beach Body!


Step 1 = CLICK HERE to Register Participation

Download a Macro/Food Tracking App (FREE)

Suggested Apps to Use (Click on the icons below to view descriptions of popular food tracking apps).  These are simply suggestions.  If you have an app you've been wanting to try or already love, you can always use that one.

Lose it  

My Plate 


Step 2 = Start Tracking (30 days) 

Step 3 = CLICK HERE to report your completion (be sure and note any progress you have made)

This link gives you the ability to upload a screenshot of your summary on the app.  It also allows you to upload documents such as a PDF or Word.  All you have to do is upload some proof of your tracking over the 30 days.  If you have questions contact One Stop Wellness at onestopwellness@epbnet.com/270-791-6605/888-491-5070


Check Out The Weekly Materials For More Information

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4