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Whole 30 Challenge

What is the Whole 30 Challenge?  Its a 30 day commitment to REAL FOOD.  Feel free to check out the official Whole 30 website at whole30.com.  However, we didn't want you to feel any pressure to buy products when this is a challenge that is easier to understand than it is to actually complete.  We believe in your ability to complete this challenge and the ability of a challenge like this to open your eyes to how much processed foods we actually consume.  

We've included PDF's that contain an approved food list.  One food that is not on there that is now approved on the Whole 30 is Potatoes (In Moderation).  We've included some emergency food ideas for when cravings take over and you are having trouble making good decisions.  Also, don't forget you can purchase the actual Whole 30 book.  The attachments contain their sources, so you can explore this information further.  


Whole 30 Shopping List (Isn't all inclusive), but will get you started

Emergency snack ideas

Tips for THRIVING during the Whole 30