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Covid 19... Keep WELL

Below you will find links to materials that may benefit you and your family!  Use this time to stay healthy (mind, body, and soul)

5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally (PDF Power Point)

Immune System Summary (Handout)


Tips...  Working From Home (PDF Presentation)

Working From Home Summary (Handout)


Tips...  Eating Healthy While Social Distancing (PDF Presentation)

Eating Healthy Summary (Handout)



TALLY SHEET & JOURNAL (Adobe fillable form)

Hint...  Two ways to use this.  You can either print and fill out or save to your computer and save over each day that you enter new info.


Tips...  Ideas to Entertain You and Your Family (Handout)

Tips...  Managing Family and Kid's Anxiety (Handout)

Tips...  Exercising From Home

Tips...  Music and Meditation Benefits