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Spouse Blood Work 

Who is Eligible?

 Any spouse currently on Sumitomo Health Insurance is eligible.


Blood Work will ONLY be available during the month of April and June


Spouses will be able to go to the LabCorp draw facility of their choice during the month of April. If you are located in Edmonton KY, Scottsville KY, LaVergne TN, or Bowling Green KY and do not want to make the trip to a LabCorp draw facility there will be designated days that spouses can come to that work location and have their blood drawn.  All of this information will be included in your packet.  Deadline for signing up is 3/1/2019.  Packets will be mailed out by 3/15/2019.  Blood work will take place during the month of April.

Click Here to find your closest LabCorp Facility 


Click Here to Enroll/Register

Deadline for enrollment/registration is May 1st at Midnight.


One Stop Wellness Contact Information

e-mail:  onestopwellness@epbnet.com

fax:  888-681-6146

phone:  888-491-5070

Address:  PO Box 1302 Russellville KY 42276


What to Expect?

Packets will be mailed out to you by May15th (mailed to the address you designated in your enrollment/registration).  It will contain a requisition form and the instructions needed to complete your blood work in the month of April.  Please feel free to call One Stop Wellness at the number above if you have any questions.